Polytron’s Transparent Smartphone

Have you seen the transparent smartphone? Its just a prototype released by a Taiwan based company. Company claims to be successful in creating the transparent phone which would be available at the end of the Q4 2013. It envy me those hi-tech Stark stuffs :). Mobile Geeks had a hands on it.

Polytron Transparent Smartphone prototype

Transparent smartphone

Polytron is working on getting the hardware component of the Samsung. Currently the prototype is running without any software and it has no microphone, speakers and camera. The company plans to add the camera, microphone and speakers in the top of the phone(as in the figure). The SIM card will be placed above the Micro SD card for the visual impact as there are no prototype for transparent SIM card or Micro SD but there are prototypes for batteries and other stuffs (glass storage). The two small battery is just for the demonstration purpose.

In the near future, we can see these gadget in our hand. Until then lets be happy with the existing techs.

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(P.S: The marking in the image is just for the reference. Its solely based on the news from other websites)


A normal day with examzzz

My examzz were really fun. I had no idea what i studied for my examzz, so does in my paper.  After writing examzz people started profusely discussing the answer which was like Greek and Latin to me. After hearing to their boring stories decided to leave my room ( found all my answers were wrong lol ), suddenly a voice behind me “Dude, I my screwed in exam” joined me. I was contended that i had a companion. Happily we left the class 🙂

Advantage of having exam(My point of view)

  • We get holidays (except for those two or three hours)
  • Can eat peacefully
  • No need to worry about morning classes(Plenty of time to sleep)
  • Calm and tranquil in exam hall(additional time to sleep :p )
  • Could watch lot of series 🙂

Waiting for my next examzz.

Day 1 to improve my Vocabulary

First day with the book “Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis” was absolutely great. Found that i was pretty much stuck for recalling words.

The author has explained the book in vivid nature. Its completely for both novice and expert. Introduction part briefly consist of, how to use this book. Its quite easy to follow those steps. There are three test to qualify your current skill: vocabulary range, verbal speed, and verbal responsive. It was quite astonished that i was very feeble in English knowledge. Next thing i tried to reviewed the mistakes i have done. Its surprisingly not new words to me. Its there in my subconscious 🙂 but wasn’t sure how to express and use it.

I jumped into to session(Chapter) 1 in the book. There were only ten words in the whole new chapter which describes the personality of the person.

 The difference between an egoist and an egotist that one who himself is egoist and one conceit himself is egotist

An altruist is one who helps other and he is the true human.

An Introvert and an extrovert are the personality for people’s mind in inwards and people’s mind in outward. Combining introvert and extrovert, we get ambivert who is neutral(many of us are neutral so don’t worry 🙂 ).

A misanthrope is the one who hate humanity (lol i don’t know where he will leave).

A misogynist  is the one who hate women (probably he would be a gay :p )

A misogamist, a person who hates marriage ( not the other stuff 😀 )

An ascetic, (this one is superior to human) self-denial for the spiritual discipline.

     Next session was really interesting. Its just two word alter and ego how it evolved and what all the words connected to it(root words).

An adventurous day with words was pretty much interesting. Hope to learn more and soon.

P.S: I don’t know how to write a blog or error free sentences. If you find any error, please suggest me. It would be great helpful to improve my vocabulary. Thanks.