A normal day with examzzz

My examzz were really fun. I had no idea what i studied for my examzz, so does in my paper.  After writing examzz people started profusely discussing the answer which was like Greek and Latin to me. After hearing to their boring stories decided to leave my room ( found all my answers were wrong lol ), suddenly a voice behind me “Dude, I my screwed in exam” joined me. I was contended that i had a companion. Happily we left the class 🙂

Advantage of having exam(My point of view)

  • We get holidays (except for those two or three hours)
  • Can eat peacefully
  • No need to worry about morning classes(Plenty of time to sleep)
  • Calm and tranquil in exam hall(additional time to sleep :p )
  • Could watch lot of series 🙂

Waiting for my next examzz.